Chinatown Los Angeles Engagement Photographs | Nanae & Jonathan


Greetings all! It’s about time that I finally get to say a little something about this fashionable couple. Allow me to introduce Nanae and Jonathan, one of the coolest and most artistic couples I know. Nanae is currently an accountant in the corporate world while Jonathan is a concept artist who has worked for big names like Lucasfilm. One of his latest projects was his works in the Iron Man 2 movie. Creativeness between the two doesn’t just lie in Jonathan though because Nanae is currently following her aspirations in becoming a make-up artist, training with an established make-up artist. When we all first met, the two were quite detailed about what they wanted in their engagement pictures. They even brought over an old-school Chinese movie to show Doug and I the look and feel of what they envisioned! Our first stop was the Huntington Library, but that didn’t go very well because we only made it passed the gift shop before a guard noticed a Trader Joe’s paper bag with a couple of head pieces the two made for the occasion. Because we had a “Wardrobe change” with the headpieces, we needed a permit to shoot there, and decided to go with Plan B instead. Following a tip we got from a colleague, we went to another location with a cool bridge to work with underneath. The back lighting was perfect and we went nuts with it.
Copyright: Danny Nguyen
Location: Los Angeles, California
Models: Nanae and Jonatha