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14 Jun

Cynthia & Joel’s Big Day | Calamigos Ranch, Malibu

Cynthia & Joel’s Big Day | Calamigos Ranch, Malibu


After countless hours behind the camera photographing and behind the monitors editing, it’s about darn time to blog again.

It’s finally Cynthia and Joel’s big day at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California! If you remember correctly, Doug and I shot  Cynthia & Joel’s engagement session at LAX and UCLA several months ago. Unfortunately, Doug was not able to join us for the wedding, but the talented Christina Cho was able to assist me during this fabulous day in Malibu.

Here we have Cynthia starting her preparations and getting her hair sprayed.

The ecstatic uncle hanging out with the ladies for a bit while they get all dolled up.

The girls had a little situation when one of the lovely bridesmaids had a zipper malfunction as she was trying to zip it up. She asked me to not photograph this embarrassing situation, but then gave in after about 10 seconds and just went with it. She was a real good sport and Cynthia’s mother was able to remedy the problem with a needle and thread.

That’s the face that Cynthia has grown to love from her man Joel. What a stud.

Some of the boys getting serious about looking sharp

What more could Joel’s parents want in their sons big wedding day?

Cynthia and her father as they prepare to walk across the bridge and down the aisle at the beautiful Calamigos Ranch.

The reception was definitely where the party was at!

The newlyweds first formal introduction as Mr. and Mrs. Joel Roque!

Their friends and family were crazy during the reception!

Joel’s a hot commodity with all those hands all over him.

I was quite surprised when Joel and Cynthia broke out into a choreographed dance after a few slow moments on the dance floor. Even the bridesmaids got into the action as back up dancers!

Just as I thought there couldn’t be anymore surprises during the couples toast to all the friends and family who made their day memorable, Joel starts to serenade Cynthia! My jaw dropped because I had no idea he had such a voice!

Cynthia was surprised as well and was quite moved by his performance. She knew he could sing, but she didn’t know he had planned on this, which made it extra special.

It was an amazing wedding day out in Malibu and an absolute pleasure to be invited to photograph their big day. Doug definitely missed out on this one, but Christina was a great second-shooter that day. This isn’t the last we’ll see of this couple because we did a day-after session with them at Calamigos Ranch and got to explore the ranch some more. Look forward to pictures with the Ferris wheel and merry-go-round that Calamigos has on the premises, so check back again soon!




  1. [...] some time to share more wedding photos. You probably already remember Cynthia & Joel’s wedding day and engagement session, and now it’s time to relive their Day After wedding portrait session [...]

  2. [...] some time to share more wedding photos. You probably already remember Cynthia & Joel’s wedding day and engagement session, and now it’s time to relive their Day After wedding portrait session [...]

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